Summer Prep

Below are the Curwin Handsigns used for sight-reading/sight-singing music. All students need to memorize the signs for daily use in class.

Solfege/Curwin HandSigns

The definitions of the signs are listed below and gives the original latin meanings/words that were attached to the sign centuries ago. This should help reaffirm the meaning of each sign and its name.


Music Vocabulary

The music vocabulary link is a resource to study over the summer of common academic terms used in the vocal music classroom. Familiarizing yourself with the definitions and their meaning in relation to making music will help you be a better and more efficient member of the ensemble.

Scales and Intervals-these are used for ear training. Hearing and identifying these intervals will enable you to recognize leaps and jumps and scale patterns more quickly and efficiently. Juniors and Seniors auditioning for Colorado All-State Choir are required to know these items for the audition.

Major Scale

Natural Minor Scale

Harmonic Minor Scale

Melodic Minor Scale

Ascending Minor Second

Ascending Major Second

Ascending Minor Third

Ascending Major Third

Perfect Fourth

Perfect Fifth

Ascending Minor Sixth

Ascending Major Sixth

Ascending Minor Seventh

Ascending Major Seventh

Descending Minor Second

Descending Major Second

Descending Minor Third

Descending Major Third

Descending Perfect Fourth

Descending Perfect Fifth

Descending Minor Sixth

Descending Major Sixth

Descending Minor Seventh

Descending Major Seventh

The TJHS Alma Mater is an important song that all students should know. It is your school song and will be sung at assemblies and graduation. Below is a link to the four-part short piece as well as the sheet music.

Thomas Jefferson High School Alma Mater-SATB

TJHS Alma Mater