Denver City-Wide Honor Choir


Citywide music events will look and feel different this year. However, we feel more than ever that personal connection and creative expression through music is critical for students. Citywide is committed to continue our work this year in providing students with meaningful and fun experiences.

So, what does this actually mean? Glad you asked! As of now, we are moving ahead with plans to offer all Citywide events virtually for the 2020-21 school year. That said: if health and safety guidelines allow, we may be able to host modified in-person events in the spring. We are saving room for some hope and remaining flexible! We want you to know that we are here to support you this year, and will do our very best to continue a beloved district tradition. At a glance: Citywide virtual programming will include events for Choir, Band, and Orchestra. These virtual festivals will be a mix of pre-recorded workshops and live online rehearsals. We plan on bringing in community partners to lead much of this work, and content will be available for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced musicians. In the spirit of fun, we plan on hosting a virtual showcase at the end to celebrate!

And finally: we plan on offering a new event this year to showcase student electronic compositions at all age levels! The purpose of this Citywide Digital Drop Down will be to highlight the creative side of our students’ music making.


A near century of tradition…..

This is where you will find audition information for Denver City-Wide Honor Choirs. The groups have been performing for over 80 years!

This years festival will look quite different in the era of Covid. Us music teachers are diligently preparing the best kind of City-Wide experience possible. Dates and auditions will be unusual this year for those who have participated previously. This page will be updated as soon as new information about the process and what it will look like as soon as possible.