All-State Choir Information

All-State Choir is only available to those Junior and Senior students that are eligible during the Fall AND Spring semester.

*Note: All-State choir will look different this year in terms of audition forum/platform and dates. Please check back and ask me often about any updates or questions you have. *

  • Prepared,¬†memorized¬†solo.
    • This is an art song selected and chosen with Ms. Reed. It should showcase your depth of range and over all vocal beauty. Tempos, languages, and styles may very. IT MUST BE AN ART SONG. Pop tunes do not sufficiently demonstrate range, technique, and over all musicality and musicianship. (For All-State Jazz, a solo is selected for you. Please use the link below to see the requirements for All-State Jazz Choir)
  • Scales
    • Major Scale, Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor Scale are all sung beginning on any given pitch. Samples of these can be found on the SUMMER HOMEWORK PAGE on the left <–. You may perform them using numbers or solfege
  • Triads
    • Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented triads are sung beginning on any given pitch.
      • MAJOR TRIAD: Do-Mi-Sol-Mi-Do
      • MINOR TRIAD: Do-Me-Sol-Me-Do
      • DIMINISHED TRIAD: Do-Me-Se-Me-Do
      • AUGMENTED TRIAD: Do-Mi-Si-Mi-Do
        • Example : Minor Triad — C-Eb-G
  • Intervals
    • Intervals begin on any given pitch and are sung ascending and/or descending. Some will also be written and will need to be identified.
  • Sight Singing
    • There are two MELODIC sight singing samples. They will be selected by the judge for your voicing. You may “la-la-la” your way through the example-OR you can identify the key and sing it on solfeggi.
    • There is one RHYTHMIC sight singing sample. You will need to COUNT each measure. Remember to correctly sub-divide and maintain a steady tempo.

All of the specifications can be found on the link below. 2/3 of the required skills can be played and mastered throughout the summer break. These skills will also be rehearsed daily after the warm-ups in every class. Group practices will also happen at lunch and after school. Students should maintain a C or better in all classes to be eligible for audition AND possible participation.

For examples of the intervals and scales, please refer to the links on the Summer Homework Page.