8 period: Choir Combined-Beginning

Course Number: 05665/05668

Spartan Concert Choir!!!

Welcome! So excited to see you and have you here IN PERSON, 2021-2022! Schoology will be the main page where you will find all of your class room resources. I will link it as well as other important websites here.


Students should be keeping up with their sight-singing skills. The Sight Reading Factory has multiple levels of material split by voice type, rhythm, melodic, ad nos. See the link below. Students returning to Advanced Choir should at minimum be able to sight-sing an 8 bar example in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4,  and 6/8 with five or fewer errors in rhythm and pitch.

Sight Reading Factory

Additionally, students should come in prepared to sing/perform the TJ Alma Mater and The Star Spangled Banner. Links for those songs are listed below. There are two links for the Alma Mater-1) is the sheet music, 2) is the mp3 recording. Both can be downloaded to your device.

TJHS Alma Mater SATB Full Recording

TJHS Alma Mater Sheet Music

The Star Spangled Banner SATB Full Recording